BMS and Energy Monitoring System

Energy controlling at Bundeswehr since 2008

With a stock of more than 40,000 buildings the german Bundeswehr operates one of the largest real estate portfolios in Europe.
The operating costs, especially the energy costs, are in the three-digit million range.
The continuous improvement of energy efficiency and thus reducing costs is a key strategic objective for several years.

Project Targets

  • Creation of a standardized measurement infrastructure that records energy and media for every property and every building

  • Increase production and use of renewable energy

  • Prioritization of construction projects on real estate with too high operating costs and thus enabling a long-term overall economic operation

  • Support for energy saving processes based on regular evaluations of the various service areas (Mission E)



Dashboards for energy analyses

Dashboards for energy analyses

Next Steps

  • Meters for every building

  • Expanding reportings for strategic planning

  • Detailed monitoring for sustainable energy production

  • Remote maintenance of BMS

  • Daily controlled energy buying at EEX

  • Pilot projects with smart buildings (IoT)

Since the introduction of the BMS and Energy Monitoring System, the energy consumption has been systematically controlled and reduced.

Savings of a few million euros yearly were achieved.